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SystemD Timer Scripts

Here are some SystemD Timer Scripts I wrote to automate some tasks on my Virtual Machine and/or LXC Containers that help me to keep my system up-to-date and running without much need manual intervention.

If using these scripts, please make sure to adjust the paths and commands to your needs.

Note: The timer script for Starship Prompt only works if Starship is installed globally.

The advantage of using SystemD over Cron is that it is more reliable when it comes to running tasks at a specific time and if the time was missed. This means that SystemD will run the task as soon as possible after the missed time.

Linux Kernel for WSL

I have compiled a Linux Kernel for Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). This kernel is based on the based on either the mainline or stable kernel from kernel.org . The kernel is compiled inside WSL and can be installed on Windows 10 or Windows 11.

To use this Kernel Patch you need to have the following installed development tools on your system.

sudo apt install build-essential \
  flex bison libssl-dev \
  libelf-dev bc libncurses-dev

You can download the compiled kernel from here and install it on your system. Note: Don’t install in the default location for the kernel. Instead, install it in a separate directory and point to it in your WSL configuration.

Hugo Theme Simple Dark

I have created a Hugo Theme called Simple Dark. This theme is a simple and clean dark theme for Hugo. It is based on the Hugo theme Hugo Coder created by Luiz F. A. de Prá.

I did make some changes, most noteably to how the SCSS files are structured and transpiled. I also added some additional features like how the FontAwesome icons are loaded and used in the theme.

The source code for this theme can be found on GitHub .